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09.03.2018 -

MICHAEL SCHINKEL’S ETERNAL FLAME, have signed a multi album deal with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. MICHAEL SCHINKEL’S ETERNAL FLAME third album ‘Smoke On The Mountain‘ includes 13 tracks, to be out on May 18th, 2018. The album is produced by Michael Schinkel & Helmut Kohlpaintner, co-produced by Timothy Touchton, mixed by Michael Schinkel and mastered by Christoph Stickel.<< Neues Textfeld >>

02.09.2017 -

It really took a long time! The material is now ready and you can look forward to a really cool album. Currently we are looking for a suitable label.

07.01.2017 -

We are currently dealing with the Mixdown of the third album.

For the new album we were able to win Mark Boals and Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force).


After years of abstinence in rock music we decided to produce an ETERNAL-FLAME album again.



Eternal-Flame was created from the Munich local band Firefox (1986-1992), which gained positive reputation in the 1980s


From 1993 on the band called themselves-with new members-ETERNAL-FLAME

During this time the albums ' Desire ' and ' King of the King ' were produced..

2004 the band separated.



Michael Schinkels ETERNAL-FLAME


Release 18.05.2018

can be pre-ordered here:

"King of the King"  2002  MTM  SPV 085-59322

"DESIRE"  1998 Point Music-Munich


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